October 2, 2023
How to Make a Turban Headband

How to Make a Turban Headband

A turban style headband is a simple, practical, and stylish way to add a pop of color to your outfit. With a few supplies and a little know how, you can have your very own turban in no time. The best part is that you can make them in a variety of colors to match any ensemble.

For the ultimate turban headband, you should make it from a stretchy fabric. Ideally, your headband should be at least 20 inches wide and three inches tall. This will allow room for a nice fit. If you’re not a stitcher, a sewing machine is a great tool for the job.

First, you’ll need two rectangular pieces of fabric. These should be about 28 in by 4.5 in (71 by 11 cm) and should be stacked in a “V” formation. Make sure that the front of each piece is the right side up. Sew the sides together using a straight stitch. You can also serge or zigzag the edges to get a nice finish.

Next, you’ll need a small piece of elastic. Approximately one quarter of an inch is the minimum, but you can use as much as you want for a really cool effect. Use a sewing clip or something else to hold it in place. Place it in the middle of the headband.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you can move on to the nitty gritty. To make an easy sew turban headband, you need to first hem the top and bottom edges of the rectangles. Make a 1/4-inch hem on the left and right sides of the fabric. Do the same on the top and bottom edges of the other pieces. When you’re done, cut excess fabric to avoid bulk.

Once you’ve sewed the pieces together, you’ll need to wrap them around your head to measure the aforementioned tidbit. This is the best way to find out the correct size to order. Be sure to choose a fabric that’s lightweight enough to stretch without slipping or pulling, but not too thin or it will be too flimsy to wear.

To make a turban headband with a bit more flair, you’ll need two different fabrics. One will be a thicker material and will help to give your headband a bit more volume. Another will be a thinner, more sheer material. Using both materials is a good idea because you can create a headband that fits your child’s head perfectly.

Finally, you’ll need two knots. One will be on the front, and the other will be on the back. Make the knot a cinch by tying a nice tight knot, but be sure to leave a couple of extra inches for the bow.

The tidbit mentioned above is probably the most important of the steps. The tidbit is that you should use a 1/8-inch seam allowance when you sew the tulle onto the elastic. In other words, you should be sewing a 1/8-inch hem on the tulle, but a 1/4-inch hem on the headband.

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